Asus Announces New GPUs Focused on Cryptocurrency Mining

Asus Announces New GPUs Focused on Cryptocurrency Mining

One of the biggest technology hardware makers has introduced new graphics cards targeted the cryptocurrency mining marketplace. Asus revaeled the Mining RX470 and Mining P106, which were designed to handle the energy and warmth extensive manner of mining. Although not expressly pitched as such, the release is surely focused on capturing a number of the interest in mining ethereum. Bitcoin mining, for example, has evolved to a stage wherein software-specific integrated circuits, are required to compete.


Cryptocurrency mining is a way by which new transaction blocks to the distributed network. while this occurs, new blockchain tokens are added to the system and offered to the miner as compensation in this situation, an income is achieved when the expanses of electricity and the operation itself is lower than the sales generated by promoting those tokens. However, Asus noted that the new graphics cards are created particularly for cryptocurrency mining, positioning the goods as able to offering maximum mega hash rates at minimal expanses.

Huge attention in cryptocurrency mining has caused reported shortages of graphics cards in the worldwide marketplace. One hobbyist miner currently mentioned that local tech stores have run low on the graphics cards, including that on-line marketplaces like Newegg, Amazon and eBay, amongst others, also are largely out of stock.


It’s a situation that echoes the sooner graphics card rush from 2014, whilst mining activity around different cryptocurrencies such as dogecoin and litecoin caused comparable price growth and a decline in available inventory. Shortages apart, ethereum network information shows that more hash rate is coming into ply as time goes on.

In line with, the mining difficulty, which rises as more hashing power is added on-line, almost tripled from April to June. The Mining RX470 will be available in the world, in step with Asus, even as the Mining P106 card will be available in China and Eastern Europe only, starting in July.

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