Bitcoin Adoption in India Will Grow to $500 Billion

Bitcoin Adoption in India Will Grow to $500 Billion

India’s digital payments business can grow to $500 billion by 2020. The key trends mentioned in the study present a viable chance for Bitcoin adoption to grow in the second most inhabited country in the world.


The study includes the prediction of a 10 times growth in merchandiser acceptance network by 2020, payment-driven consumption and not the opposite way round, and non-cash payment transactions reordering money payments by 2023. India’s payment landscape has reflected four major world shifts that demonstrate the country’s immense potential for exponential growth within the next four years.

The shifts are the continuing digital and technology revolution that has crystal rectifier to accumulated penetration of smartphones and net on mobile; entry of many non-banking establishments that supply payment solutions; customers changing into additional difficult and expectant for fast one-touch payment solutions; and progressive changes in regulative framework. As a result, the authors of the study say they expect the digital payments area to witness disruption terribly presently supported certain key trends.

For Kumar Gaurav, head of Cashaa peer-to-peer marketplace that connects money senders with cryptocurrency traders, creating Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency widespread in India is the most required by the business at once.

Kumar Gaurav mentioned:

“At this stage, any initiative to form Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency fashionable in India is incredibly excellent news for Cashaa or for any marketplace that runs on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin exchanges are an awfully vital member of our economy and they facilitate to keep up liquidity within the market.”


Gaurav’s statement comes within the wake of Coinsecure’s launch of its real time mobile mercantilism application for mechanical man. Coinsecure, an Indian Bitcoin exchange, introduces the app that’s ideally for active traders on-the-go to focus on India’s ever growing mobile user base.

Kumar Gaurav said:

“I see it as an addition of a brick to the Indian Bitcoin system towards building an enormous market that we all hope for in India. I’m terribly pleased with the OKcoin and Coinsecure initiative that helps to maneuver slowly in positive direction, particularly for Cashaa that holds a possible for having high volume thanks to P2P nature and desires a way additional larger system that India doesn’t have and that we all ought to build it.”

From its desktop internet platform, the Indian exchange sees the move to a mobile app for multiple devices because the next step in transfer Bitcoin to India and meeting Indians’ demands.

This is the primary real time an android commerce application, which permits for BTC to office and office to BTC in India. Coinsecure chief executive officer Mohit Kalra sees the new commerce app as a chance to place a troubled technology like Bitcoin within the hands over a hundred ninety million smartphone users in the country.

Coinsecure’s efforts can complement Indian Bitcoin notecase service supplier Zebpay’s that is ready to secure a $5 mln funding spherical by Oct 2016 from distinguished US-based venture capital companies.


Startups like Zebpay are sound into the dominant remission market supported the constraints of ancient banking services, an increasing range of employees and millennial seeking cheaper alternatives for remittances and payment settlement services. Zebpay reached a 100,000 active user milestone in ten months.

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