Bitcoin Is About Financial Sovereignty But Not Speed

Bitcoin Is About Financial Sovereignty But Not Speed

Eric Lombrozo, a Bitcoin core developer, believes that bitcoin is about monetary independence and freedom, instead of offering a centralized settlement network which already serves because the backbone of today’s international economic environment. During the last two years, various bitcoin communities, analysts and specialists have debated on the characterization of bitcoin, especially whether bitcoin demonstrates the qualities of a settlement network or virtual gold.

Since the preliminary deployment of the bitcoin network, Bitcoin core creators and different abilties in the open source improvement community of bitcoin have focused on strengthening security measures to remove the presence of a government in the bitcoin network and ensure the network itself will not be compromised in the future.


The prioritization of safety rather than flexibility and capability as seen in opportunity failed blockchain initiatives allowed bitcoin to prosper and evolve into a decentralized monetary network that cannot be censored or limited by a governing entity. It allowed customers to settle payments with low fees and at incredibly quick speeds, in comparison to common banking. Because the bitcoin network grew in size, transactional delays caused discomfort for every day customers. Some people expressed their worries over the growing transaction fee of bitcoin, which is presently at $0.32 for an average transaction. A $0.32 fee need to be enough to have transactions confirmed within some hours.

The Bitcoin core improvement group and enterprise main organizations are not mainly concerned of the growing expenses, as it is the result of the prioritization of protection. Bitcoin core creators are focused on introducing software program like Segregated Witness, which permits bitcoin to scale considerably without implementing main safety dangers not like hard forks. customers and traders shouldn’t always be overly worried about the scalability of bitcoin as well as there already exists a scalability and transaction malleability solution in Segregated Witness and -layer solutions including Lightning and TumbleBit which could make a contribution to the scalability of bitcoin. Lightning particularly allows the facilitation of micropayments, those open doors for plenty programs which intend to depend on bitcoin micropayments.

Bitcoin continues to be a technology at an early stage. Presently, the Bitcoin network permits customers to make payments that were not possible before. earlier than bitcoin, customers couldn’t imagine the opportunity of transacting thousands and thousands of dollars within a few hours with much less than $1 in transaction fee without the presence and involvement of a governing entity or a financial institution.

Eric Lombrozo stated:

“Bitcoin is about monetary sovereignty. If you suppose it’s simply about fast and cheap you’re short-changing yourself.”


The contemporary shape of bitcoin makes it tough for two-layer solutions to exist. Soft forks as Segregated Witness allows bitcoin to remove transaction malleability and alter its design to welcome two-layer solutions that would permit bitcoin to grow to be a fast, reasonably priced and comfortable economic network for mainstream customers. Eric Lombrozo believes that the activation of Segregated Witness, implementation of layers and introduction of progressive solutions will permit bitcoin to function as an essential technology to provide customers with monetary freedom, privacy, independence and flexibility.

Eric Lombrozo noted:

“You could make it fast and cheap with layers. Modern network design does not permit it at huge scale. I wish this were not so. However, HFs carry huge political value and safety dangers. I additionally desire this weren’t so.”

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