Bitcoin is Better than Gold

Bitcoin is Better than Gold

Several particular characteristics of Bitcoin have qualified the cryptocurrency to substitute the position of cash, currency or even gold. Considering its identification as a commodity, a number of people have taken into consideration the cryptocurrency to be just like gold. Like gold, Bitcoin is durable, transferable, divisible, scarce, recognizable and fungible. These traits outline sound cash.

Comparing Bitcoin to gold, Netcoins CEO Michael Vogel says that he has constantly regarded Bitcoin as a digital alternative to gold and those maximum buyers that trust in gold, as an investment will have the same feelings about Bitcoin.

Michael Vogel said:

“A substantial portion of Netcoins’ digital ATM clients often tell us that they also invest in gold.”


According to Panos Mourdoukoutas, a contributor at Forbes, Bitcoin has been beating gold with the aid of a massive margin up to now these 12 months. The cryptocurrency has more than doubled in cost, whilst the yellow metal has gained 8.73 %; and each belongings outperformed the S&P 500 and the twenty-year united states Treasury bonds.

From a short-term view, everybody might agree that the cryptocurrency may also look like more attractive than gold as an investment vehicle. The CEO of Nexxus companions and proprietor of Nexxus University, Bob wood, attributes this prevailing display to the truth that Bitcoin is still noticeably new in the business, so it is yet to discover stability.

Bob wood said:

“Bitcoin is newer and greater risky than gold, so it has extra capability for huge swings. As the base of Bitcoin customers grows, it turns into greater solid. Bitcoin is within the early adopter section where less danger averse investors can take advantage of higher ability returns on investment.”

Nevertheless, Bob wood notes that there is not plenty of distinction between Bitcoin and gold because it relates to the real definition of sound cash as is contained within the courses at his university.

Michael Vogel cited that the current activities surrounding Bitcoin have made him more constructive than ever earlier than about the prospects of the cryptocurrency.

Michael Vogel stated:

“I’m greater bullish on Bitcoin than ever. In 2016 we’ve got persisted to see new use cases for Bitcoin, the modern being the financial institution note crisis in India which has led to a surge of humans attempting Bitcoin for the primary time. What is exciting with India is Bitcoin customers there are seeking to use Bitcoin out of necessity, rather than definitely interest.”


All in all, Michael Vogel believes that the true cost of Bitcoin is as a transaction medium instead of an tool of speculation.

He mentioned:

“Nevertheless, as a Bitcoin fan, it is terrific to peer the price reach a multi-year excessive and an excellent performance in comparison to standard investment vehicles like stocks and gold.”

Vogel referred to how precious gold remains in positive industries where Bitcoin has no software, which includes electronics, dentistry. As a method of charge and capability to move price range around the world, Bitcoin easily wins over gold whenever.

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