Bitcoin is New Asset Class

Bitcoin is New Asset Class

Max Keiser has agreed with CME group’s Chairman Emeritus Leo Melamed that Bitcoin is a new asset class. Describing as the first new asset class in hundreds of years, Keiser’s bullish funding stance on the digital currency has received serious weight as CME prepares to release futures buying and selling this month.

Max Keiser posted in Twitter on November 7:

“This is why 99% of pundits get it wrong. #Bitcoin is the first new asset class we’ve seen in hundreds of years.”

Leo Melamed had noted that his open stance to technology was compulsory and that Bitcoin represented the need to examine trade.


He said:

“My entire life is constructed around new technology. I never said no to technology. Those who say no to technology are soon useless, I am nevertheless that same person who believes in at least analyzing change. That’s what Bitcoin represents.”

CME group’s choice to interact with Bitcoin came with huge repercussions, expenses growing dramatically and plenty of heralding a watershed moment for digital currency’s reputation. Leo Melamed defined the move as a very important step for Bitcoin’s history.


Leo Melamed stated:

“We will adjust, make Bitcoin not wild, nor wilder. We’ll take it into an ordinary type instrument of exchange with regulations.”

Melamed’s feedback come the same week as Goldman Sachs forecasts a rate jump to nearly $8000 for Bitcoin, in spite of fears of price volatility and network disruption following the SegWit2x hard fork. The marketplace has proven evidence of an impulsive rally since breaking above $6044. Subsequent in focus is $7941. May consolidate there earlier than continuing higher, as was stated in a notice to traders on Monday.

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