Bitcoin is the New Gold or Not

Bitcoin is the New Gold or Not

Gold has usually been taken into consideration as a safe haven asset. Now Bitcoin is appearing to display gold-like properties. Anti Danilevski, chief executive officer of KICKICO, a Russian blockchain platform for initial coin offerings, explains that during economic problems, Bitcoin has already been acting in analogous approaches to gold representing a calm harbor for traders.

Anti Danilevski stated:

“Over the last 12 months S&P 500 index was reduced, gold increased by 14.4%, while Bitcoin raised by 74.9%. over the last 5 years, S&P 500 improved by 68.8%, gold reduced by 26.5%, while bitcoin grew by an impressive 24.9%.”


Anti Danilevski believes cryptocurrency isn’t just an awesome backup plan, but in comparison to gold, it grows more in its rate with a developing marketplace. Considering the current occasions including the conflict between North Korea and President Trump, we noticed gold growth on the back of real fear of war.

James Trescothick, senior global strategist at easyMarkets, said:

“In spite of this modern episode of hair pulling which was regarded as the closest risk of warfare between North Korea and the United States from 1994, this spike in gold wasn’t mouthwatering. Instead it was another asset that appealed to the hundreds searching out protection.”

James Trescothick said in the past there has been the belief that traders must place ten percent of your wealth into gold and wish it goes down. This logic underlines the well-known fact that once gold rises in price it suggests that other property are performing terribly and worry is gripping the marketplace.

Bitcoin in Gold

James Trescothick stated:

“It is time to place ten percent of your wealth into Bitcoin and desire it doesn’t crash. In the middle of July, Bitcoin was buying and selling nearly $1985 per coin earlier than continuing its growth higher and around the beginning of August it traded at $2789.58 per coin. After which as hostilities raised between North Korea and the United States, it skyrocketed. First it broke the three thousand dollar mark earlier than reducing via the four thousand stage with ease.”

We saw gold react in a similar manner moving from $1258.80 an ounce at the start of August earlier than moving thirty-one dollar up as threats from each North Korea and Trump gripped the media. Both reacted in safe haven style, but it was the scale of the flow and the rate of upward push in Bitcoin value that was awesome.

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