Bitcoin May Help to Create a Cashless Community in Ghana

Bitcoin May Help to Create a Cashless Community in Ghana

Nii Narku Quaynor, called father of the net in continent and chairman of IT solutions firm Ghana Dot Com, noted that bitcoin will facilitate produce a cashless society in Republic of Ghana.

At the third Ghana e-Commerce Conference and Exhibition, Nii Narku Quaynor mentioned the country incorporates a mature e-commerce economy and stressed that it’s necessary to intensity engagement and collaboration for the trade to thrive in Republic of Ghana.


Bitcoin was introduced in Ghana in February 2016, as a locality of an inspiration to push a cashless society in Republic of Ghana. Quaynor thinks that the cryptocurrency is best than mobile cash or credits cards, because it’s designed to be quicker and employed in cyber environments, beneath the management of its owners.

According to the organizer of an occasion themed reworking Ghana’s on-line Business through Technology, Innovation & opportunity, the country’s e-commerce trade has been growing speedily, and with the introduction of other payments, it’s poised to huge raise. The organizer of this event explicit that even though over seventieth of Ghana’s population is unbanked, mobile cash dealings reached 679 million by the tip of June 2016. A two hundredth increase from 2015. The figure is anticipated to double by 2018.

Nii Narku Quaynor’s IT solutions firm Ghana Dot Com has, recently launched what it claimed to be the primary bitcoin mining facility in continent. Even supposing there aren’t lots of details regarding the power, the firm claims it produces many hundred terahashes per second. Earlier this month, Ghana Dot Com ran a blockchain coaching course that instructed attendees the way to develop software system solutions using the blockchain. It was designed for programmers and developers operating.


Ghana Dot Com desires to drive cryptocurrency adoption in continent, because the African web pioneer believes blockchain technology has the facility to vary international finance.

The African web pioneer stated:

“As one among initial African computer scientists, we’ve an interest in seeing the adoption of computing sciences in Africa. We pioneered web development and can equally promote bitcoin development in Africa.”

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