Bitcoin Price Increase Gives Cryptocurrencies Time For Improvement

Bitcoin Price Increase Gives Cryptocurrencies Time For Improvement

One of the most interesting facts is that MaidSafeCoin is older than Bitcoin. The Scottish cryptocurrency are going to be eleven years old in February. Frankly, its performance in 2016 was something to write about. The safety conscious digital currency created a robust statement once it stormed the top ten on CoinMarketCap within the last quarter of the year dislodging digital assets like NEM, Augur and even Steem to all-time low. Nick Lambert, Chief operating Officer of MaidSafeCoin, attributes their notable success to changes within the technical team and the way they work. Before 2015, ten percent of their developers were based mostly outside Scotland but in 2016 that modified to seventy fifth percent.

Nick Lambert said:

“We are decentralizing our developer base to recruit worldwide and we were ready to get a higher caliber of developers.”


MaidSafeCoin’s initial focus in 2017 is sanctioning non-technical individuals to use encoding technology like PGP, run their own servers, anonymize, and so on to make sure their information is secure and will stay personal. Nick Lambert mentioned the creation of a mobile wallet but once asked whether or not the cryptocurrenciy community ought to expect a MaidSafeCoin mobile wallet in 2017, he declined to form a commitment. It is clear the focus has been on the desktop wallet to make sure everything works, as it should.

Nick Lambert said:

“We are currently changing our API that we’ll cater for individuals to run on mobile devices that are continuously essential. Most of Africa runs on Smartphones and we ought to cater for all those markets.”

While the Chief operating Officer of MaidSafeCoin agrees that their primary focus is security, however, he differs in that the cryptocurrency is the most secure but in the echelons of the most secured. Everything we tend to do around the network is concentrated on security. MaidSafeCoin is hopeful it will be one amongst the most secure, as Nick Lambert mentioned. The firm sees underfunding and lack of enough developers because the most pressing issue. However, the COO does not suppose there will be an ICO sooner or later. CoinMarketCap added 2 cryptocurrencies a few of weeks before 2016 complete that be mentioning. Fargocoin and Byteball have something new and distinctive to enrich the system. They deserve our attention and resources. With its distinctive Blockchain platform designed to extend network security and improve the restrictions and functionality of initial cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Fargocoin’s Proof of Stake conception permits mining without huge hash power.

A representative of Fargocoin noted:

“Proof of Stake is the best alternative resolution to the initial Proof of labor system that Bitcoin pioneered. A proof of stake system provides raised protection from a malicious attack on the network.”

The Crypto Company claims since Proof of Stake is less energy, it’s seen as a greener way to run a cryptocurrency network. Actually, the conception requiring spending no electricity to mine creates an incentive for all to make their wallets running whole day.


Tony Churyumoff, chief executive officer of Byteball, believes they’re on board with variety of technical differences, that are vital, but most of all ease of use, which is usually neglected in the crypto market. As at the time of filing this report, byte was at number twenty-six on CoinMarketCap. That is spectacular for a digital currency that was listed less than 2 months ago. To expand beyond the slim niches that the business presently occupies there is the necessity for user experiences that appeal to average users who are not specialists in cryptography. Byteball makes payments easier with an integrated communication making most interactions in Byteball wallet informal.

Tony Churyumuff said:

“We have an intrinsically chat that permits users to accomplish tasks quite fast and in the light-weight interface with payments which will be done in 2 clicks.”

The decentralized platform for payments offers users the degree of management that they never had before. It permits to be connected to payments of events happening in the world, and this can be achieved through smart contracts that are user readable, easy to know, and do not need to trust a developer.

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