Bitcoin Price Reached $1,700

Bitcoin Price Reached $1,700

With bitcoin making new all-time highs in rate and marketplace capitalization nearly each day, the block size and scalability, debate has taken a back seat during the last week. From a consumer attitude, unconfirmed transactions are on the growth because of a clogged and busy network. With none modifications to the Bitcoin protocol, this cannot enhance, particularly if bitcoin keeps to push better on heavy demand.

The Bitcoin price keeps rising nowadays, growing sixty dollars on the day to move the $1,700 mark for the first time in Bitcoin history. At $1,700, bitcoin costs are up seventy percent already at the 12 months and almost two hundred dollars at the week, having climbed from $997 in January to set new highs. Today, the new all-time high of Bitcoin price was $1,710.96.


However, the uptick comes at a time when broader attention within the crypto markets seems to be growing and prevailing new traders. At the same time as bitcoin is up seventy percent, other cryptocurrencies are up six hundred percent from March. The latest Bitcoin price growth, places bitcoin at a stage that analysts have suggested could show a key resistance.

However, Willy Woo projected last week that bitcoin was probably to hit known as channel resistance at $1,717. Should it break this level, Willy Woo projected a bubble could form within the marketplace, wherein the Bitcoin price had elevated meaningfully beyond annual average consumer increase.


The development should put the international cryptocurrency markets on uncertain ground, as analysts are already expressing issues crypto assets have entered bubble territory. Nevertheless, others pushed back that this applies to bitcoin, an asset seen as having more long-term software and value.

Andrea Medri, founder of bitcoin exchange The Rock Trading, noted:

I am not worried about bitcoin, most probably we will see a correction, but the long-term trend has been and will be constantly up.”

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