BTCC Will Add US Dollar Bitcoin Exchange

BTCC Will Add US Dollar Bitcoin Exchange

The famous Bitcoin exchange based in Shanghai BTC China, known as BTCC places itself as the one of the oldest bitcoin exchange in the world. However, today BTCC taking some steps to find more new clients from different countries all over the world.

BTC China

Tomorrow BTCC will launch a new BTCC USD Exchange. The new user interface, which is controlled by another legal entity, was created especially for such new exchange, service. The USD exchange service will supplement the common Chinese Yuan exchange. Moreover, Bobby Lee mentioned that BTCC could add some new exchange services for international currencies in the future.

The CEO of BTC China, Bobby Lee, said:

“The US dollar exchange is the first specific step to show that we are planning to become an international company.”

However, this new exchange service will not be available for users from United States, because BTCC has not receive the required approval for a BitLicense. Bobby Lee also placed USD exchange service as a strategic breakthrough in the market considering the breach of famous Bitfinex, which lost about 120,000 BTC during the hack attack this August.

Bobby Lee noted:

“We are trying to work against Bitfinex exchange. I believe that its volume is very thin.”


Moreover, Lee noted that BTC China is planning to add some margin trading, and that it will take more care about active users of its bitcoin exchange. BTCC will use a specific referral program; FIX APIs and maker-taker model to create additional incentive for people who use BTCC to trade their bitcoins and also to attract new customers.

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