Central Bank of Vietnam Will Ban Digital Currencies

Central Bank of Vietnam Will Ban Digital Currencies

Vietnam’s central bank, nation bank of Vietnam has declared the usage of cryptocurrencies within the nation as illegal. The central bank additionally introduced that it’ll impose a great on everyone caught using the digital currencies beginning from 2018.

Central Bank of Vietnam

Based on the new financial regulation issued by the Vietnam’s central bank this is scheduled to go into effect throughout the first quarter of 2018, Bitcoin and different digital currencies are already taken into consideration as unlawful and their use can be prohibited in Vietnam. The regulation states that the only legal payment methods within the nation are the ones issued or managed by the state bank of Vietnam.

The ban imposed by the state bank of Vietnam comes at a time in which Bitcoin, the main digital currency, is reaching all-time highs in buying and selling markets. This is anticipated to have an effect on the impact of the new law on the usage of digital currencies in Vietnam. It is certain, that the ban on digital currencies will have very little impact on people who want to apply them in their transactions. The only issue the authorities can do is to release a marketing campaign in opposition to centralized organizations using digital currencies.


The choice by the central bank of Vietnam to claim cryptocurrencies as illegal is considered as very unlucky, because it stifles improvements within the economic area. However, the regulation may be taken into consideration as a way by the authorities to emulate the actions of other nations in the world. It’s anticipated that this ban may be lifted within the future if the fears or apprehensions of possible scams concerning the usage of the digital currencies can be confirmed in any other case.

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