Digital Currencies Must Be Regulated in a Global Scale

Digital Currencies Must Be Regulated in a Global Scale

The director of German’s central bank believes that bitcoin have to be regulated via a worldwide set of regulations instead of on a countrywide scale. Bundesbank director Joachim Wuermeling cited that without boundaries digital currencies are hard to control within a particular area or country. Talking at an occasion in Frankfurt, the banker mentioned that digital currencies rather be overseen on a worldwide scale, with regulators harmonizing their regulations collectively.

To that end, Joachim Wuermeling stated that any such situation could just be reached within the event of heightened cooperation.

Joachim Wuermeling

Joachim Wuermeling stated:

“Effective regulation of digital currencies might consequently be possible via the greatest possible worldwide cooperation, due to the regulatory power of country states is manifestly restricted.”

Wuermeling’s comments follow tendencies out of China and South Korea on the regulatory front. Considerably, South Korea was reportedly making plans to shut down exchanges, although those rumors were later walked back by the president’s office.


All in all, South Korea is appearing on new policies to slow down speculative making an investment in digital currencies by forcing banks to comply with new know-your-client guidelines and enforcing fines on buyers who refuse to cease using nameless virtual for digital currencies. In the meantime, China has indicated it would try to lessen mining interest by withdrawing tax and power advantages for organizations.

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