On võimatu ignoreerida digitaalrahaga

On võimatu ignoreerida digitaalrahaga

Mikhail Abyzov, Russian minister, was speaking against the concept of possible future ban of digital currencies, describing this growing technology as not possible to ignore. Mikhail Abyzov made some comments via an interview with Russian news source, RIA news, during this week. aga, Abyzov noted that he believes that a choice are going to be made presently matter if just out of necessity because of the technology’s growth.


Mikhail Abyzov stated:

It is important to move from a policy of denial and prohibition to a really accurate, thoughtful state regulation of the turnover of digital currencies. I believe we should recognize them as a monetary tool and properly handle it rigorously in order that excessive pressure doesn’t destroy the technology itself.

Mikhail Abyzov, who was led E4, one among Russia’s largest engineering companies, went on to argue that development of digital currency and blockchan technology ought to be supported, whether it involves the development of digital currency or different programs and systems based on blockchain technology.

Mikhail Abyzov

Mikhail Abyzov said:

I assume that the Russian technology sector has such a potential. It’ll be enforced within the format of making a crypto, or different new technologies of the financial or non-financial sector, it’s troublesome to predict. üldine, it’s necessary to support and develop such initiatives.

aga, Mikhail Abyzov is the latest senior official from the Russian government to support more accommodative surroundings for digital currency exchange and blockchain development activity. Lisaks, Anton Siluanov, Russian minister of finance, mentioned last week that there’s no purpose in prohibiting digital currencies within the country.

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