FBI States Don’t Pay Bitcoin to Extortionist

FBI States Don’t Pay Bitcoin to Extortionist

The special agent for the FBI’s Cyber Division, Will Bales, on the last Federal Trade Commission’s Fall Technology Series mentioned that nobody who was targeted by ransomware should make any money transfers or any ransoms payments.

Will Bales said:

“People ought to bear in mind that ransomware doesn’t affect only one person or one business. It will over doubtless progress and have an effect on someone else. And for people who pay the ransom, it only encourages them to extort successive person.”


The U.S. Justice Department stated that the number of ransomware attacks has increased several times in 2016. The FBI has preliminarily noted that ransomware values amounted to $209 million in this year is much higher that the total ransomware values about $24 million for the whole 2015 year. Moreover, PhishMe stated that more that 93% of phishing emails now keep some kind of ransomware.

There are a lot of kind of ransomware attacks today. For example, Canadian university paid about $20,000 in worth of bitcoins to get the special keys to recover all its data. In addition, there were three financial organizations and a pharmaceutical firm in India, who were targeted by ransomware extortionists and had to pay the ransom using bitcoin.

The Massachusetts police department found itself the victim of ransomware too after the Melrose Police Department transfer one bitcoin to access to its information and important files again. Besides the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom, make an important anxiety to protect all charities from an extortionist group as RepKiller. The RepKiller team said that if they did not obtain bitcoin transactions from £300 to £500, there would be some series of cyberattacks and of course, people would face some problems.


Overall, today the FBI change its decision and make the correct advice for persons who become the victim of ransomware extortionists. The FBI has changed its position about ransomware problems stating that these people should transfer the bitcoin ransom in spite of a last FBI’s affirmation.

Joseph Bonavolonta, the agent of FBI’s Cyber and counterespionage program, said:

“The ransomware is not so good. To be honest, we often advise people just to pay the ransom.”

However, today the FBI asked the victims of ransomware attack to contact it with any piece of information they have. As FBI noted it can help to promote the ransomware investigation. It looks like the FBI has had a change of heart regarding its advice with ransomware extortionists. Nevertheless, we belive that it can really help to solve this growing problem and protect people from ransomware attacks.

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