Volume des opérations de Bitcoin surpassera Apple Bientôt

Volume des opérations de Bitcoin surpassera Apple Bientôt

Bitcoin l'achat et la vente de volume quotidien pourrait dépasser Apple très rapidement, selon Jens Nordvig, founder and chief executive Officer of Exante Data.

Jens Nordvig said:

Cryptocurrency trading volume is now more than of $3 billion/day and could probably soon surpass that of the world’s most liquid stock, Apple.


Jens Nordvig noted that worldwide every day trading volume between the 2 biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin et Ethereum, into traditional currencies has increased 8 times within the remaining 12 mois. Bitcoin has surged this year, briefly growing fivefold earlier than tumbling amid a China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies and criticism from JPMorgan Chase chief executive Officer Jamie Dimon. Bitcoin traded near $3524 on Friday, but it is nevertheless up nearly two hundred sixty percent for the 12 mois.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have mentioned that bitcoin is a new way for people to access the increasing quantity of cryptocurrencies. Internet site CoinMarketCap lists more than three hundred fifty cryptocurrencies with a marketplace value of more than one million dollars. The overall marketplace value of all cryptocurrencies was nearly $121 milliard, conformément à CoinMarketCap. Ethereum traded nearly $256, but was still more than 2500% higher for the 12 mois.


Even as cryptocurrency buying and selling extent has taken off, average every day buying and selling volume in united states stocks fell in August to its lowest in 3 années, according to marketplace researcher Tabb group.

Jens Nordvig said:

We do not believe that someone predict with confidence at this factor that any given cryptocurrency will keep to thrive and benefit status as an opportunity to traditional currencies within the long time. toutefois, we look ahead to the use of the information from a more and more attractive cryptocurrency marketplace in our tracking of worldwide capital flows, when appropriate.

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