Future New Record Bitcoin Price is $25000

Future New Record Bitcoin Price is $25000

Serial strategist Tommy Lee has added to finance professionals predicting new all-time high Bitcoin expenses of $25000 or maybe greater. However, Tommy Lee, who’s already known for his bullish stance on Bitcoin versus Wall Street, repeated not unusual speculation that capturing the power of gold is fundamental. Five percent of gold’s marketplace cap, his studies shows, would provide growth to a conservative estimate of $25000 per one bitcoin.

Tommy Lee stated:

“It’s a totally it’s really the most conservative series of factors to get to the five percent. As number one, we expect that gold just appreciate a nominal gross domestic product. So there is no inflation.”


The 5 % figure has often surfaced from sources during the cryptocurrency business. Tommy Lee thinks the capability for significantly higher charges is simple.

Tommy Lee said:

“The 5 % quantity actually displays the idea that traders will allocate of their combined portfolio just 5 % to alternative currencies. Nowadays, that allocation is much more. It is towards ten percent or fifteen percent in a few portfolios. Therefore, at a 5 percent allocation it’d value Bitcoin at $25000. You could without difficulty get to $100000, $200000 numbers.”


Bitcoin prices have retraced this week after a new surge that noticed the cryptocurrency nearly hit six hundred dollars for the primary time. Within the short time period via the center of 2018, Tommy Lee is relatively conservative himself, predicting the $6000 mark to stay a ceiling until then.

Tommy Lee mentioned:

“When people speak about Bitcoin’s volatility nowadays, they are forgetting that once we went off the dollar the gold standard at the dollar, gold’s volatility for 4 years was about similar to Bitcoin’s volatility nowadays.”

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