Gemini Expands its Bitcoin Services in Asia

Gemini Expands its Bitcoin Services in Asia

The famous New York based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has recently announced about the launch of its Bitcoin services in Japan and South Korea.

The Gemini Bitcoin exchange, founded by the Winklevoss Twins, stated in its latest blog post, that it plans to take a large part of the Bitcoin market in two countries with the prolific cryptocurrency environments in the world.


Geminin posted:

“For today, registered clients in the Lands of the Rising Sun and the Morning Calm can sell and but cryptocurrency as bitcoin and ether with the help of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange.”

Therefore, now the people who are interested in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in these two Asian counrties can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with the USD. In addition, they may participate in the Gemini’s two-sided Bitcoin auction.

This Bitcoin exchange are offering trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD. Even with the start of this Bitcoin exchange platform in Asian countries, it still not added some of the Asian currencies. Overall, it is still incomprehensible will the Gemini allow to trade with Japanese Yen and South Korean Won or not. Today, the customers from Asia can execute USD wire transfers from their local banks to the exchange account. However, these wire transfers will have a conversion fees for converting the respective currency to United States dollar.


Moreover, the Gemini Bitcoin exchange is planing to create a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund too. The Exchange traded Fund, that was planned to start long time ago has gained some momentum within the recent days. Recently, international Advisors, a digital currency hedge fund has declared Gemini Trust Corporation to be one among the custodians of the worldwide Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund. The itBit has been named as the alternative steward. The investment fund is anticipated to be listed on the island Securities Exchange within the returning months. Even though Gemini encompasses a restricted presence across the world, it still permits its platform’s services for the customers from outside the currency service area.

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