How Blockchain Can Destroy Voting Machine of United States

How Blockchain Can Destroy Voting Machine of United States

The voting process is one of the most important obligations of citizens living in the country, and of course, they want to feel that their vote is efficacious. As everybody knows, there is recent 2016 United States presidential election, and Americans now turn our thoughts to the process by which we will make a selection.


The presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000 was compromised by the purportedly confusing nature of the ballot that citizens. This resulted in the Bush v. Gore case that worked it’s way up to the Supreme court finally putting an end to the recounting of votes in Florida.

The system of transmittal valuable data is thru the Society for Worldwide Interbank financial Telecommunication based in 1973. Today it is in the method of being noncontinuous by Ripple Labs, one among the world’s most innovative and victorious, Blockchain firms. If new Blockchain technology will certainly unseat the Society for Worldwide Interbank financial Telecommunication, that was connected over 9,000 monetary establishments in 209 countries. So the main question is could the Blockchain technologies change the business model of voting machine makers to bring additional responsibility?

However, the Blockchain technologies are often understood as a connected list that utilizes hash tips to ensure that the record is appended solely, that knowledge once written can’t be changed or erased. Additional complicated instantiations of Blockchain technology adopt several of the properties of the info structure that facilitates the Bitcoin.

A structure of information with such properties would likely have come in handy in the extremely oppose 1948 political party primary within the state of Texas. The race that pit the then representative Lyndon Baines Johnson and the acting governor Coke Stevenson against each other for the party nomination. The similar race wherein Johnson claimed conclusion by a margin of eighty-seven votes out of 988,295 cast, amidst rampant allegations of elector fraud. It’s declared conspicuously in the book suggests that of Ascent by Robert A. Caro that Johnson stole that election and in thus doing, forever modified the course of the American history. The election having set the stage for Johnson to assume the presidency in 1963.


The idea of preventing such miscarriages of elector preference by suggests that of electronic selection has already been popularized within the Baltic nation of Republic of Estonia, where the 2007 Estonian parliamentary election was enforced by means that of web selection, a worldwide initial.

Civic engagement in the United States isn’t nearly as sturdy because it might be particularly among the time period generation. Blockchain technology has already done abundant to shake up the worldwide finance business and encourage burning teenagers to interact with the intricacies of payment process, a so far lacklustre subject. The work happening at the Chamber of Digital Commerce beneath the leadership of Perianne Boring, advocating for this emergent technology can produce the mandatory area for the globe and our nation to search out.

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