How Should Not Exchange Bitcoin

How Should Not Exchange Bitcoin

A lot of people prefer to use reputed Bitcoin exchanges for buying and selling their Bitcoins. However, there are some other persons who does not want to use this method. So, what can happened when you decided to buy bitcoin or another cryptocurrecy in old fashion way, for example in the parking?

Steve Manos wanted to buy some bitcoins and decided not to buy them over famous online Bitcoin exchanges. Instead, in need of Bitcoins he decided to exchange them anybody to physically money exchange. He use this method of bitcoin exchange many times before. Nevertheless, this time Steve Manos was robbed by the knife, relieving him of $28000 in cash.


The incident took place near the restaurant in West Palm Beach Boston Market. According to the police reports, Steve Manos became a victim of the robbery. He handed over the currency to the person, with whom he arranged to meet to exchange cash for the bitcoin. However, there were two people and one of them instead of exchanging the bitcoin to the buyer pulled out the knife and was threatening Manos.

Manos told that the robbers fled in an Acura and also gave the police the cell phone number which was used for communication with the robbers. The investigation into the robbery led to Andre Allen, which become a suspect who was later identified by Manos during a photo lineup. So, Andre Allen was arrested for robbery, but all in all the another suspect is still not found.

Of course, it is not the first time someone was robbed during the Bitcoin exchange in real world without using the famous and reputed crytpocurrency exchange. However, several persons ignore to take care about their property and does not analyzing risks about the exchange them. It is always necessary to use special Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange or another certified cryptocurrency platforms to be confident in the safety of the money.

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