MGT proglašava Početak projekta Multi Peta Hash Bitcoin

MGT proglašava Početak projekta Multi Peta Hash Bitcoin

MGT Kapitalna ulaganja trenutno pokriva glavne točke izvornog ogroman razmjera Bitcoin mining rada koje. Za korporativne pozicioniranje kao pionir u tehnologijama blok lanca. The business secured a place with clenched low cost hydroelectric power in the central part of Washington state a generating plant over 2 PetaHash početak izvedbe procesa. Ova biljka se očekuje da će biti u potpunosti operativan do dana Lammas, 2016, i ima sposobnost da pojačaju gotovo deset PetaHash. the dimensions of the Associate Nursingd output of power can MGT appear as domestic leader in the field of crypto currency to enable production at the appropriate time. Present approximations neighborhood of Bitcoin and various digital assets, i ponovno posljednji šesnaest nanometarske čipove ASIC nudi veliku priliku s lijepom dobiti da dođe.

Nedavno, korporativni uvećanom testirani TeraHash o 100 raditi s pozitivnim rezultatima. Testiranje omogućuje MGT optimizirati svoje proizvodne računalnog koda, but as the experience in his team in building and managing profitable production center proposed. The company named Henry Martyn Robert Collazo for the management of this company. G.. Collazo pokušava vještine kako bi se povećala dobit, donijeti mnogo jeka graditi izlasci na različitim mjestima, as the origin of Bitcoin. This is an important commitment in nursing in the house mining complex MGT together for multiplication process requirements of various new machineries on the horizon Block Chain preparing for Associate. jer je potražnja za rastući proces korporativnog akcijske grupe je njegov rudarske strojeve za podršku različitih zadataka na blok lanca.

McAfee planned MGT Chairman and Chief Government Officer, rekao je: “In order to meet the demand of the process for our future virtual safekeeping products based mainly block chain, like MGT oversized range of ASIC computers. Navedena strategija je posebno jeftin, jer računalo u potpunosti instaliran rudarstvu kako bi ostvarili taj zadatak i može zaraditi odličan povrat, dok mi koristimo tehnološku moć ultrabrzi strojeva, dugoročne izvore prihoda naših proizvoda su obično podrška. u Dodatku, we are generally happy that Henry Martin Robert attach the agreement of the Americas and to use my experience to grow the project. MGT investments in selection method is to use a different safekeeping of virtual machineries. With the cyber-security developing companies that McAfee John, in his contribution is placed MGT Capital to treat a variety of virtual intimidations with progressive technical security for mobile devices and private technology along with pills and sensible phones. Enterprise is presently the operation of the D-invasive, cutting supplier of anti-spyware software code and Demonsaw, supplier of protected and anonymous exchange of computer platform. MGT Capital intends its company nameMcAfee World Technologies, Inc.” to change when closing the action of D-invasively.


This disclosure comprises progressive declarations. “Are, bez sumnje, dovesti” arguments or expressions “bi”, “svibanj”, “namjerava”, “procjenjuje se”, “ostati će”, “očekivati” or the same words must determine “izjave koje”. It cannot be interpreted in several ways assume that as characteristic of the present or future value of their shares monetary and operating consequences, which should be reproduced in the top of the MGT. All data spanned in this summary, excepting for the historic and accurate material. Stoga, the future characterizes looking statements. It contains every statements about the company’s strategies with respect, principles and prospects. These declarations are supported by the present approximations and projections that include positive dangers and worries, the definite consequences to differ substantially. These risks can make the problems connected to the fast dynamic equipment and the development of new criteria in the industry. U Dodatku, it gives the power to get adequate funding for continuing to preserve a decent income, the productive use of the innovative industry, the unpredictability of customer preferences and the various factors. osobe, koji su pročitali ovaj, are warned not to put unwarranted dependence on these progressive declarations. This company assumes no responsibility to openly update of these forward-looking declarations to reproduce actions or circumstances, if the current date arise. osobe, koji su pročitali ovaj, can meticulously analyze the risks and uncertainties set forth in a variety of documents, corporate records from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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