Bitcoin je Speculatory objekta od nepoznatih osoba

Bitcoin je Speculatory objekta od nepoznatih osoba

Njemački Bundesbank član Uprave Carl-Ludwig Thiele je sugerirao prema Bitcoin, nazivajući ga stavku špekulant izdanu od strane nepoznate osobe. He mentioned that clients should not overlook Bitcoin’s history, as its value is now higher than ever.

Carl-Ludwig Thiele stated:

“Bitcoin is a speculator item, the value of which changes very fast. It could have seen steep climbs these days, but things have been different within the past. From our opinion, Bitcoin is not an appropriate medium for storing value. Only a look at the risky exchange price will show that.”


Carl-Ludwig Thiele’s feedback keep a wary function taken on Bitcoin and other specific digital currencies by finance actors in Germany. The past few years has seen several times of apparent bias come to light from lockal banks that have appeared to hold Bitcoin organizations at arm’s length.

A main example is LocalBitcoins, which in 2014 was pressured to halt operations within the country because of regulatory uncertainty about its remit. Međutim, Carl-Ludwig Thiele continued defining Bitcoin as something which he does not see as a money or currency but which was sent by unknown persons.


Carl-Ludwig Thiele stated:

“Whoever considers Bitcoin as stable because the dollar or euro must bear responsibility for it? It’d not be making any funding decisions on behalf of residents.”

Međutim, the story of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in Germany, strikes an acquainted tone of fulfillment, with banking and startup partnerships surfacing in growing numbers.

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