Bitcoin cijena dostigla novi rekord na visokih $5000

Bitcoin cijena dostigla novi rekord na visokih $5000

Bitcoin cijena dosegla $5000 prvi put, surpassing this key, psychological level and hitting a new all-time high. The crypocurrency’s rate had risen to as much as $5005.26 at the time of writing. This caused its year to date return to nearly 420%. Bitcoin’s price has grown higher amid a variety of things, such as technological upgrades, increasing attention in cryptocurrencies and sustained inflows from traders and investors.

Bitcoin currently applied Segregated Witness, an improve, which will grow transaction potential and assist relieve a number of the pressure that increasing adoption has placed at the Bitcoin network. In November, the cryptocurrency will go through a hard fork in order to further raise its potential for processing transactions. This hard fork could split the network into two separate blockchains, and this might cause three versions of Bitcoin, the 2 new Bitcoin blockchains and Bitcoin cash. Despite this uncertainty, the rate of Bitcoin has marched higher.


Even as this crypto asset undergoes these technical improvements, the wider cryptocurrency area has been producing great visibility. A increasing quantity of companies have been exploring the ability uses of these crypto assets, and plenty of organizations have been holding initial coin offerings, modern token income that businesses can use to raise finances.

As cryptocurrencies have become known to a growing quantity of people, they’ve kept attracting money from buyers, causing their overall marketplace capitalization to rise to all-new highs. This overall marketplace cap passed $179 billion for the first time, prema podacima iz CoinMarketCap. This measure of value has surged more than nine hundred percent these 12 mjeseci, causing cryptocurrencies as an entire to outperform many different asset classes, such as stocks and bonds.


This has been a robust year for Bitcoin, which has surged more than four hundred percent in value and hit a series of all-time highs. Will the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by marketplace capitalization be capable of keeping up this torrid increase?

The currency’s capacity marketplace is huge, as there are billions of people on-line. In November 2016, The Washington post reported that forty-seven percent or nearly half of the whole population of the world was using the internet. If even a slim fraction of these people employs Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency’s rate would skyrocket.

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