Bitman Inkrised Antpul Hsarate s Litekoin

Bitman Inkrised Antpul Hsarate s Litekoin

travnja 17, Bitmain’s mining pool Antpool’s hash rate unexpectedly surged by almost twenty percent during few hours, from 200 GH/S to almost 500 GH/S. a few participants of the bitcoin community accused Bitmain of intentionally stopping the activation of Segregated Witness on Litecoin. As Coinbase Director of Engineering and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee showed, on April 12, Segregated Witness reached its seventy-five percent activation threshold on Litecoin. Following the successful signaling of Segregated Witness, its activation period started on April 14, set to keep for 2 extra weeks.

For Segregated Witness to be completely activated on Litecoin, it needs over seventy-five percent assist from miners during that two-week period. If it fails to keep its assist threshold for fourteen days, even though the initial threshold of seventy five percent was met, Segregated Witness will not be activated on Litecoin. Antpool is suspected of growing its hash rate allocation to Litecoin considerably with the reason of suspending the activation of Segregated Witness. Prije nekoliko dana, investors and analysts in the Litecoin community noted that if Antpool’s hash rate is continued on the modern stage, there’s a high chance of Segregated Witness activation being terminated.


WhalePanda posted in Twitter on April 17:

Someone must have hacked Antpool. They’re signaling pro Segregated Witness now. $LTC.

In line with Litecoin Blockhalf, a platform created to show the modern Segregated Witness activation process, Segregated Witness isn’t active. It is at 72.37 %, slightly under the seventy five percent threshold required to be activated on Litecoin. Even though it could absolutely coincidental that Antpool’s Litecoin hash rate exponentially improved throughout the Segregated Witness activation period, there are some motives why Bitmain could try to delay the activation of Segregated Witness on Litecoin.

Some of the biggest mining pools including Bitfury and F2Pool, the second and third biggest bitcoin mining pools, are in assist for Segregated Witness activation on bitcoin. The rest is making plans to keep in mind the effect of Segregated Witness on Litecoin’s on-chain and off-chain scaling and just show assist for Segregated Witness if it is effectively adopted by Litecoin. Antpool is one of the few main mining pools to reject Segregated Witness activation on each Litecoin and bitcoin. Because the mining pool knows that successful adoption of Segregated Witness on Litecoin could probably cause the activation of Segregated Witness on bitcoin, Bitmain might be stimulated to prevent Segregated Witness activation on Litecoin at all expenses.


During the last several days, Antpool additionally established a few strange behaviors, which misled the bitcoin and mining communities. travnja 17, bitcoin investor WhalePanda found that Antpool was signaling Segregated Witness on Litecoin. He mentioned that Antpool might have been hacked by an undisclosed organization of hackers who’re stimulated to activate Segregated Witness on Litecoin. Misunderstanding the situation, F2Pool proprietor Wang Chun urged the community to reveal appreciation to Antpool and Jihan Wu for signaling Segregated Witness on Litecoin.

Wang Chun stated:

Antpool is huge and has lots of mining servers. They must have got some temporary tech problems. I believe they’ll restart signaling soon.

Wang Chun defined that Antpool will probably restart signaling Segregated Witness on Litecoin. Whether if that is actual or not will confirmed by Antpool’s future decisions.

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