Huobi Asks Bitcoin Core Specialist to Solve Scaling Problems

Huobi Asks Bitcoin Core Specialist to Solve Scaling Problems

While a few China’s miners are nonetheless opting for the execution of a contentious hard fork in Bitcoin unlimited, China’s Bitcoin exchanges and providers including Huobi are searching out Bitcoin core professionals to deal with scaling problems of Bitcoin. On March 28, the China’s Bitcoin exchange Huobi invited Bitcoin unlimited supporter Jiang Zhuoer to talk about the viability of the Bitcoin unlimited software program and modern problems with Bitcoin Blockchain congestion.

Throughout the web occasion known as Bitcoin scaling and its effect on Bitcoin price, Jiang Zhuoer noted about debatable theories at the opportunity of -layer solutions like Lightning being shut down by the Chinese government and the need of a hard fork at this very moment.

Jiang Zhuoer stated:

“Lightning network will nurture monopoly Lightning network processor like Alipay or Wechat Pay. By that time, the authorities ought to effortlessly shut down the Lightning network within the name of Anti Money Laundering. Then the Lightning network transaction can be transferred to the 1M main net, the 100x transaction call for will jam the network and soon the network can be paralyzed as well.”


However, Jiang Zhuoer stated numerous capacity dangers concerned with launching the Lightning network such as network paralysis and inefficiency. Moreover, Bitcoin specialists and Bitcoin core developers such as Luke Jr. provided a very exclusive review of Lightning, by arguing that LIghtning in fact scales the Blockchain more effectively and securely.

Jiang’s clarification of the Lightning network implied that centralized businesses or industrial companies including Alipay or Wechat Pay would manage Lightning transactions and channels. however, Luke Jr. stated that the presence of a third party company is not sensible with Lightning, as the public Bitcoin Blockchain is used to solve disputes with none capacity problems.

Luke Jr. said:

“Lightning makes use of on-chain smart contracts to assure the immediately confirmation of otherwise-unconfirmed transactions. Due to those transactions are assured earlier than they are mined, mining of them may be deferred indefinitely, so long as each parties are honest. Comfy routing among customers is probable to allow just a small quantity of on-chain smart contracts to allow buying and selling with the whole network of Lightning customers.”


Nevertheless, to assist of Bitcoin unlimited and a question on why the core improvement group perspectives the Bitcoin unlimited hard fork solution as an unstable and reckless method to improvement, Luke Jr. said that hard forks necessarily fail and cause the introduction of altcoins without the total consent of the community.

Nowadays, some miners and mining pools are in support of Bitcoin unlimited but little to no node operators, customers and organizations are in assist of the Bitcoin unlimited software program. To make clear the stance of the Bitcoin core development group within the Bitcoin scalability debate and cope with technical problems in Bitcoin unlimited, Huobi is searching out Bitcoin core specialists to take part in the on-line occasion made by Huobi.

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