IPFS Protocol Selects Ethereum Instead of Bitcoin

IPFS Protocol Selects Ethereum Instead of Bitcoin

The peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol based on Blockchain, which is known as IPFS protocol, is starting its distributed network on Ethereum instead of Bitcoin, because the Ethereum has supportive development community and different innovational functions.

The information repository network called Filecoin was created especially for IPFS protocol on the Bitcoin network to work like the basis for the distribution protocol. This protocol allows its customers to arrange, distribute, and keep information in a more convenient transparent and unchangeable way based on the popular Blockchain technology.


The IPFS’s group of development originally started the creation of its protocol to use the invariability of Bitcoin network and unexampled protection measures. At the beginning of this creation, the synergy between the Bitcoin and IPFS protocol can led to the appearance of different use cases. They allowed the protocol to work as a distributed network using cryptographically hashing on every file inserted into the Blockchain.

Security of the Bitcoin shown the eternal infrastructure required to perform the essential operations as collecting the unaltered information and accessing nodes to look for the information in the network. This infrastructure of the protocol, based on Blockchain technology, meant that it could commit more effectively than available alternatives. The IPFS noted that the companies, who work with huge amounts of information, could possibly save millions using peer-to-peer technology.


The IPFS decided to work with Ethereum after identifying a great distinction in the communities between these two networks. The IPFS believes that the community of the Ethereum network with high fuctionality is one of the greatest estates of the network, which will eventually influence on the IPFS protocol. Several experts, as Cornell Professor Emir Gun Sirer, made an accent on the importance of functioning development community.

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