Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Want To Speak About Bitcoin Anymore

Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Want To Speak About Bitcoin Anymore

JPMorgan Chase chief executive, Jamie Dimon, has mentioned that he will not be commenting on bitcoin anymore. It is a comment that comes a month after his now-notorious statement that the digital currency is a fraud. Jamie Dimon made the feedback throughout a third-quarter profits call with journalists this morning.

Jamie Dimon said:

“I would not put this high on the class of essential things within the world, but I’m not going to speak about bitcoin anymore.”

Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan chief financial officer, Marianne Lake, was noted that the bank is open-minded for digital currencies, which are well managed and controlled. Jamie Dimon has something of a history of making robust statements on bitcoin. On September 12, throughout an occasion hosted by Barclays, Dimon mentioned that the digital currency is worse than tulip bulbs, a connection with the seventeenth century speculative bubble in Dutch tulips.

Jamie Dimon stated:

“It won’t end nicely. Someone is going to get killed.”


Jamie Dimon later doubled down on his remarks, predicting governments might focus that bitcoin. Dimon’s observation about fraud remaining month caused a wave of feedbacks from Wall Street figures, with a few siding with his position, even as others followed an impartial stance. In comparison, a few commentators have taken problem with the fraud comments, arguing that the digital currency’s basis is based on a rejection of the banking system.

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