Bitcoin krijgt in goud als Brexit Limit

Bitcoin krijgt in goud als Brexit Limit

Bang voor de mogelijke mislukking van de EU, en proberen om weg te komen om uit te breiden van instabiele dollar, de beschermheilige van de rijke man, Soros begon fonds actief in goudreserves.
Bitcoin in Gold Agreeing with an article in the Wall Street Journal, Soros Fund Management, $ 30000000000 which leads the Soros Investment Officer, he has created a number of huge investments in expensive metals. Soros has accepted a stake of 264 miljoen, of 1.7% in Canada on the basis of Berrick gold while reducing the investment in shares, op basis van een derde in de Verenigde Staten.

Soros think that their investments in expensive metals are oriented in response to the possible failure of the EU, ifProposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Unionis in, and therefore in the UK by the Union in accordance with the rich.

Soros vertelde:

If the UK, it can be a common result unleash, and thus ECU Union disintegrated much can be inevitable. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat de vangst, as we have a tendency to agree ‘stayto Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union detention stronger. Markets do not seem to always right but in this case, I take them to be true.”

British voters are looking for economic security, as soon as the two faces with undeniable flocked in the exit poll to gold in the Gregorian calendar months what revenues Royal Mint rise to the thirty-second. Since the expectations of the approach remain vote shifts within the EU, the price of gold fell to a two-week low on a weekday. During the stormy periods of the low level of trust in the government, the monetary system and thus the world, or the domestic economy, turn the stakeholders to expensive metals for monetary strength.

hedging Brexit

In de afgelopen jaren, hoewel, Bitcoin has merged the gold as a preferredhedgeagainst volatile times. Proposed referendum of United Kingdom membership of the European Union illustrates this trend.

New chart from Bloomberg tracks the value of each gold and Bitcoin in contradiction of voting for the United Kingdom to stay in or forsake the European Union . This graph shows the value of each poll Chase Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union to include, as a calculable probability performance peaking EU was at the peak level in mid-June, and in the fall as the likelihood weakened later in the month.


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