Singapore Trials haar Digital Dollar met behulp van een Ethereum Blockchain

Singapore Trials haar Digital Dollar met behulp van een Ethereum Blockchain

The central bank of Singapore has posted a research of its blockchain endeavor that noticed virtual tokens of the countrywide currency issued on a non-public blockchain based on Ethereum. A newly posted report by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, states information of project Ubin its blockchain attempt which locations a tokenized type of the Singapore dollar on a distributed ledger platform.

The project is part of the central bank’s joint-endeavor with blockchain consortium R3, which released the R3 Asia Lab in Singapore in November. After the central bank introduced the improvement of a blockchain proof-of-concept pilot to facilitate interbank payments. The project was venture Ubin, earlier than it got its name.


In maart, the Monetary Authority of Singapore finished the primary phase of that pilot and found out the token powering the interbank blockchain platform. Collaborating banks deposited money as collateral in exchange for these digitized dollars, with bills and transfers among member banks settled the usage of the cryptocurrency issued by way of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Uiteindelijk, the banks would change the cryptocurrency to money.

A technical excerpt from findings of phase 1, bepaald:

A working interbank switch prototype on a non-public Ethereum network and effectively conducted end-to-end integration among the non-public Ethereum network and MEPS+”.

MEPS+ is the central bank operated digital payment system, the countrywide payments rail platform, which allows domestic and global payments in Singapore. The central bank also examined JPMorgan-developed Quorum, a non-public permissioned implementation of Ethereum with a greater attention on information privacy. One of the main observations encompass such as quorum replaces the proof-of-work consensus version with a vote casting-primarily based version and was found to be better in comparison to the Ethereum protocol.


Echter, a summary of the findings from phase 1 concluded that it was a hit because it added a extensive variety of parties. The Monetary Authority of Singapore additionally found out that it borrowed from project Jasper, a comparable attempt undertaken by its Canadian counterpart, the bank of Canada.

The authors of report stated:

“Particularly, the architecture, code and lessons discovered from project Jasper were taken into consideration and applied to the Singapore context for project Ubin. The subsequent phases of the project would focus on securities settlement by developing delivery versus payments and go-border payments.

The central bank’s Finnancial technology chief, Sopnendu Mohanty, bepaald:

“We look forward to the subsequent phases of our project in order to increase trial programs for securities settlement and cross-border payments.”

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