Not The Best Way To Secure a Private Key

Not The Best Way To Secure a Private Key

Some exciting offerings have launched in the bitcoin environment over the past few years. There seems to be an exciting correlation among cryptography and steganography. One developer created a project that turns any picture or document into a bitcoin personal key and address. An excellent project on paper, but not very realistic by any approach. Whilst this idea can also have some enchantment to consumers, it is not a secure solution by any. Having to use a picture or document to create a bitcoin wallet address sounds convenient. The system itself is quite simple and easy as well. In a way, this may attract more people to the bitcoin environment as well.


However, people who rely upon this venture have a huge risk of losing their money. Any amount of bitcoin stored in wallets generated via this platform is at danger. All it takes is for a special individual to upload the same document. By doing so, they will receive the equal wallet address and private key. From a protection point of view, the venture is not possible by any means. However, the code is on GitHub, permitting everybody to make modifications and propose upgrades. It is evident this idea will need many work before it is even possible to try. Implementing a manner to check for duplicate pictures and files might be a great place to begin.

Furthermore, the idea of the usage of a public picture to create a wallet address and private key seems a bit ludicrous. There is no such thing as a unique picture nowadays. Even though possibilities are small someone else can have used it earlier than you can, there is no reason to risk it both. Private images are a possible solution. However, that requires customers to hold them private at all expenses. In the modern world, doing so is actually impossible nowadays now.


It is important to mention this project is a proof of idea, and not something that should be used by everyone in its modern type. It does take steganography to a distinctive level, albeit there may be no hidden data embedded in the image itself. It is a fascinating take on things, but lacks protection to be considered a beneficial project now.

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