Online bank WB21 now accepts Bitcoin

Online bank WB21 now accepts Bitcoin

Online bank WB21 Group Holdings SA has added Bitcoin for transfer and deposit funds. Now their customers can use Bitcoin in their checking accounts. So WB21 is now the first bank which allow Bitcoin. WB21 is a digital bank which based in London with an office in Palo Alto, which has 650,000 customers. It provides online deposits and different payments in 18 currencies and it is accessible in more than 180 countries.


WB21 online bank will use BitPay as a paying processor, because of this, their clients will deposit Bitcoin into the WB21 bank with no verifications. So using the WB21 online bank, their clients will approach their deposit accounts instantly.

WB21’s Founder, Michael Gastauer said:

“A bank accepting bitcoin is quite unusual, however it makes total sense for us and provides huge benefits to our clients. We are offering instant account opening in 180 countries. The problem some of our clients face is to make deposits if we don’t maintain a local account in their country.”

Of course, after the Bitcoins acception, the WB21 online bank will provide an opportunity for money transferring from any countries in the world. So as Michael Gastauer said, using Bitcoin for transfering money, WB21 online bank will credit their custumers with the currency, which was choosen earlier by the client. Because of this the client’s founds will be immediatly accesible for the transfers or for spending with a WB21 Debit Card.

He mention:

“The process to convert Bitcoin into cash on a bank account is the fastest I am aware of. For us the acceptance of Bitcoin is a great way to support our global roll-out and improve customers fund depositing experience.”

Whereas WB21 online bank is not a great bank, it constantly operates in plural countries full of the regulatory limitations. Of course, this news is a affirmative sign for the Bitcoin community, and moreover, the fact that Bitcoin is a nice way for making no cost cross-border money transfers.

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