Russian Citizen Arrested For Cyber Crime in Bangkok

Russian Citizen Arrested For Cyber Crime in Bangkok

Police have apprehended a Russian citizen believed to be the quantity in a worldwide cybercrime company, the Bangkok post stated. The Thai Crime Suppression Division on a request from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Sergey Medvedev in Bangkok on February 2. The Thai Crime Suppression Division took a computer and files as proof.


A source noted that The Bangkok post that proof confirmed that Sergey Medvedev had over one hundred thousand Bitcoins at the time of his arrest. Overall, the post wrote that Medvedev’s one hundred thousand Bitcoins was identical to about one hundred million baht, while it is actually identical to 26523087316 baht. Sergey Medvedev allegedly was an administrator for the dark internet web site Infraud, whose slogan was ‘In Fraud We Trust’ that dealt normally within the sale of stolen credit cards and identities and illegally received authorities’ files.

On February 7, the United States Department of Justice had launched an indictment of thirty-six people, not including Sergey Medvedev, charged with taking part in Infraud. The United States Department of Justice has now arrested thirteen criminals from seventeen nations for defrauding sufferers of over $530 million in addition to over $2.2 billion in losses. The coordinated attempt to understand the alleged perpetrators concerned the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, and Thailand.

Ukrainian citizen Svyatoslav Bondarek purportedly creates Infraud in 2010. Bondarek disappeared from on-line activity in 2015, which is whilst Sergey Medvedev took manage over Infraud.

infraud organization

Cybersecurity information web page CyberScoop claims that Sergey Medvedev allegedly operated the escrow provider for Infraud, which, facilitated illicit virtual currency transactions amongst its participants and employed screening protocols that supposed to ensure just high quality vendors of stolen credit cards, individually identifiable data, and different contraband.

It was forbidden within the company to exchange in stolen data from victims placed in Russia, a rule not unusual to many cybercrime agencies, writes CyberScoop. The Bangkok post website is presently unavailable to those placed in Russia, but Russian information outlet RBK published an article on Medvedev’s arrest with a link to a cached version of the Bangkok post article.

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