Scammers Steal $500000 in Phony Enigma Project ICO

Scammers Steal $500000 in Phony Enigma Project ICO

Almost $500000 in ethereum has been stolen from supporters of the Enigma blockchain project following a safety compromise. In step with a statement from the Enigma team, the ones concerned in the thefts were capable of take control of the venture’s internet site domain, one of the administrator accounts on its Slack channel and its mailing lists. According to reviews on social media, those concerned started masquerading because the official group and distributing solicitations for an initial coin offering presale.

Enigma blockchain project

The Enigma team said:

“Presently, the Enigma team has retaken control of all compromised accounts, such as the internet site. Some pages will remain deactivated for the time being whilst the team works. Please stay vigilant and check our communications throughout ALL channels. Do not send any cash or private information to anybody.”

The fake solicitations occurred via Slack and electronic mail. The scammers mentioned huge support behind the release of the presale, and included a link to the then-compromised Enigma internet site. TechCrunch stated that almost 1500 ehereum or nearly $500000 were deposited within the fake Enigma address earlier than the team was able to regain control over the affected domain. That address has since been all but emptied, network information suggests.


However, Enigma aims to create a decentralized hub for data needed by speedy-moving digital currency hedge funds. The team formerly indicated that it would launch its initial coin offering next month, although it’s unclear whether this security breaches will affect that timeline.

Different initial coin offering supporters were caught up in protection issues within the past. In early July, nearly seven million dollars was diverted to a fake address throughout the CoinDash initial coin providing, prompting the group to shut down their internet site amidst the sale.

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