Tom Lee Predicts New Record Highs for Bitcoin in July

Tom Lee Predicts New Record Highs for Bitcoin in July

Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundsrat Global Advisors, the only main Wall Street strategist protecting bitcoin, expects bitcoin to attain new record highs once more in July. The digital currency has been posting a few recovery from falling seventy percent from its December 18 high to its February 6 low. Tom Lee, who entreated warning throughout bitcoin’s recent Bull Run, stated the digital currency, now buying and selling nearly ten thousand dollars, has set up a sample wherein its bottoms are V-shaped. Lee noted that bitcoin has registered twenty-two corrections of ten percent or even more since 2010.

Tom Lee stated that in bitcoin’s bull intervals, it takes 1.7 times the period of a decline to recover. Primarily based on that pattern, it’ll take eighty five days for bitcoin to get over its remaining plunge, which lasted for fifty days. If his analysis is accurate, bitcoin will set new records by means of midyear. As Tom Lee noted, Investor sentiment toward bitcoin improved in latest weeks, demonstrating investor bullishness.

Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundsrat Global Advisors

The seventy percent drop was severe, but there’s a case for its persisted resilience. In November, Tom Lee advised traders to exercise warning following the bitcoin rate’s amazing improve throughout the primary week of November.

The bitcoin price had risen to dizzying heights that week as bitcoin started to check the $7500 mark for the primary time in its history. At that point, bitcoin was up twenty-five percent for the week, almost seventy five percent for the month, and more than seven hundred percent for the 12 months. In December, because the huge decline set in, Tom Lee raised his bitcoin rate goal from nearly eleven thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars for middle of this year.

Tom Lee mentioned Bull Run was because of the increase of recent bitcoin wallets, and that Fundsrat was shopping for bitcoin because the price was falling. Fundstrat projected specific IP bitcoin wallet addresses would raise fifty percent by middle of 2018 while consumer interest could increase ten percent from late December stages. Tom Lee raised his middle of 2018 projection two times since November, whilst he raised it from $6000 to $11500. Lee initiated the six thousand dollars projection in August.


Tom Lee mentioned that eleven thousand dollars was becoming an assist price for bitcoin. Lee stated the subsequent downward assist stages could be $10131, $7918 and almost $7000. Lee mentioned his twenty-five thousand dollars bitcoin price goal for 2022 based on the Bitcoin funding trust over the counter price movement from $1300 to $2200. Bitcoin funding trust’s rate jumped more than 1500% to nearly two thousand dollars in last year.

Tom Lee, who was J.P. Morgan Chase’s chief equity strategist from 2007 to 2014 earlier than supporting to release Fundstrat, became the primary extensively followed marketplace strategist to pay attention on bitcoin’s price in July. Tom Lee is now Fundstrat’s dealing with companion and studies head.

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