United Pharmacies Now Accept Bitcoin

United Pharmacies Now Accept Bitcoin

The United Pharmacies is an online drug store and medicinal platform. In some recent days, it has accepted Bitcoin as a new payment method and the United Pharmacies officially suggest a ten percent reduction for all drugs, which will be bought via Bitcoin. Therefore, it is one of the several companies in the pharmaceutical industry to accept Bitcoin as one of its main payment method.

Bitcoin and some others cryptocurrencies have two main advantages over common payment methods such as transaction fees and efficiency of using. Some traditional payments methods, which are often used by such online drug markets, require their clients to take some steps, which often result in the users going to the physical branch or settling the transaction over the phone. After this transaction is completed, users need to send bank details and transaction information to the company for extra verification. Of course, it is extremely inconvenient for users and this process could take anywhere from three to seven days.

United Pharmacies

United Pharmacies users and people in the Bitcoin community suppose that this Bitcoin integration as one of the main payment method will serve as an example for other firms in such industry. Usually such companies like United Pharmacies suggest a little amount of payment methods to comply with the financial regulations. That is why; most online drug markets offer only traditional ways of payments such as international wire transfer and international cashier’s check.

United Pharmacies said:

“Setting up an international Wire Transfer will typically be done using your web banking account. But several banks only offer this service over the telephone or personally at a bank branch.”

Bitcoin has no any extra processes or fees for both the clients and the firm. Moreover, using Bitcoin for payments gives the company a chance to process the shipment quicker and eventually optimizing each of firm’s operations.

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